Wednesday, April 26, 2017

#7 Refractions

Rainbows are incredible. They emerge in the wake of a storm, showing a dazzling display of brilliant colors as if to make up for the dark, gloomy storm that preceded it. A rainbow is like a phoenix, it’s a new hope reborn from the destruction of the storm. And today, a perfect rainbow appeared over Winthrop Place. No, not just a rainbow, a double rainbow, bringing double the beauty and double the renewal to all who bore witness to it. At least, that’s what I heard, I didn’t see the rainbow myself.
I spent my day inside, soaking my skin in a model tub at IKEA. I sat with my notepad, and finally put pen to paper. The burns in my skin helped the ideas flow out from inside of me. And I finished.
I finished my album. All 12 songs written and ready to record. I’m finally going to chase my dream. I felt my spirits lift, out from the depths I was stuck in the past few weeks. I looked around, the rainbow colored curtains wrapped around the tub. I hadn’t noticed how the water reflected the light filtering in from the curtains, making the bath look like the aftermath of a watercolor painting session. I pulled the drain on the tub, and bubbles began to flow up from the drainpipe.