Wednesday, October 26, 2016

#4 Whodunnit

Winters in this town are rough.
Winters in this town without a heater are hell. And unfortunately, that’s what I’ve had to struggle through lately. My little heater was stolen from me, along with my sleep, comfort, and my ability to feel my toes.
Today I actually made an attempt to socialize and, as expected, it didn’t go so well
For some reason I got invited to another thing. First the environmental forum, now some murder event. If you recall, last time I went to one of these events I got robbed, so I’m not too keen on these town meetups. However, 20 people packed in the 7th room storage closet? Sounds like a recipe for warmth if you ask me. I threw on my nice shirt, still wrinkled from my sister’s wedding, and headed up to the party.
The event lost me with all of its confusing plots, but I feigned an heir of intelligence whilst assuming my role as a Doctor for the night. Whew, that was a lot of effort to act so smart. To be very honest I don’t think it worked that well. There was this 10 year old named Jupiter who played the role of an esteemed college professor spot on, putting my acting to shame. I guess I’m just less of a Doctor Gray and more of a Dr. Dre if you know what I’m saying.
I was talking to Michael when the shit hit the fan. I think I was in the middle of my “Dr. Grey vs. Dr. Dre” joke; I was about to say Dr. Dre’s name when someone started screaming. Now Michael probably thinks I’m just a big fan of Grey's anatomy, but really I like Dr. Dre more. Oh well. That’s when the lights flashed off. I knew it was a murder event but I didn’t realize it would be so realistic. To say the least, I was out of that closet in seconds. I ran to the stairwell, hearing voices rise behind me. I heard the lights flash back on, in a roar of electricity.

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